It is a fact that staying away from homeland brings us closer to our culture and we tend to miss it more and more by each day. The farther we are from our homeland the more we want to preserve our culture, customs and traditions. This also gives us pleasure and sense of fulfillment that we are passing these traditions onto the next generation. While doing this, the next generation collects details as to why we celebrate a festival. If its Pooja...or a celebration like Dipawali or Sankranti...we do require innumerable ingradients such as Halad, Kunku, Gulal, phulwati, pantya, rangoli and all those items required to conduct a Pooja, ofcourse the sacred books from where you can chant your childhood prayers and mantras. NEVERTHELESS, how do you possibly manage all this now? Don't you wish you could get hold of those lovely Lamps (Akash Kandil) or the famous Ganesha Idol from "PEN"? OR " Plantain Leafs with long stems" for "Satyanarayan Pooja"? 

     Punehelpline can provide anything and everything that you wish, right from the ingradients, the Pooja books, audio cassettes or CDs to the detailed information about any festival.

Just mail to Anil  to send your requirement.

This is the shortest way to spread the cultures.

Seasons Greetings to you!