This is Anil ...wanting to serve all you ex-Puneites. 

      Require Assistance from Pune? Require Help from Pune? Wish you had someone to do your jobs at Pune! If you reside away from Pune whether in India or Abroad you may always come across some daunting Questions like these. Therefore, you find yourself wishing everytime they came up that " if only someone was there in Pune it would save me a lot of worries and ofcourse money. We identify ourselves with these concerns. 

     The promoters of the site are the ones who have spent major parts of their life outside Pune and thus have witnessed the needs personally. Listed out are various services that can be provided by us. The list covers the services that came to our mind however if there are any other services which you feel would fulfill your desire; we are open to addition to our list. Assisting you concerning your needs and requirements in and from Pune will be our endeavour. Most impeccable planning, identifying what is desired and the key to timely execution have formed the basis of our infrastructure at Pune. All of you who have settled away from the homeland are the ones who have begun from nothing but have emerged to be the successful lot amongst the community. We are proud of you and believe firmly that "Winners don't do different things, they do things differently". This has enabled us to understand your needs. operates on the basic principle of "Conformance to requirements is QUALITY". The idea is to play a role of a "Real Brother" (as well as a friend) for you, based in Pune to attend to your personal as well as professional needs. Naturally you are most welcome to demand the services as well as submit suggestions to make your Brother work really hard for you!! Click onto what you desire and you will have it done, with genuine concern and thorough understanding, blended with professional touch. So, this is Anil, your friend as well as a brother waiting for your commands. Till we meet next, NAMASKAR. 

     Please send your requirements, feedback, views etc. to us and we shall fulfill your demands. Feel free to contact us by mailing at
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