Ex-Puneite has to be a theatre lover. Surely, you would enjoy watching the good old theatrical performances such as " Raigadala Jevha Jaag Yete" OR the latest Hit movies "Bindhast" OR "Tu tithe mi". You might require assistance in finding that elusive audio cassette OR you need to create a cassette of those selected songs of your choice. Its possible, you need Shukratara of Arun Date or a collection of Hridaynath Mangeshkar's,"Wallav Re Nakhwa ho wallav re Rama". You send the list of songs and Anil will complete the rest. May be its Uthi Uthi Gopala of "Kumar Gandharv". The Old Nostalgic Hindi Tunes and songs can be a golden collection for every one of us. It could be Rafi singing for Shammi OR Mukesh for Raj Kapoor, it Could be Asha Bhosle Singing for OP Nayyar or Lata for Madan Mohan...the list is endless and the availability is at your finger tips... just click and Anil will create that rare treasure for you.

   If you wish to stage a Play for Ganeshostav, you will require not only good scripts but also the appropriate costumes. Pune holds a big collection of Books and Costumes to suit all types of Plays/Dramas. When you want that 'Peshwai Pagdi', just tell Anil about it.