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     We at punehelpline are a group of people who have lived a greater part of our lives away from Pune. While we were away, we missed all the people who were close to our hearts. Especially on certain special occasions. We wished , we could keep in touch with them more frequently, be regularly appraised about the well being. We often felt a longing for something which we had taken for granted when we lived in Pune but which were very precious to us during those times away. Cultural ethos and the total atmosphere in Pune is so addictive in character that Puneites may go out of Pune but can never forget Pune. And it was those feelings of Homesickness, Nostalgia and Caring that gave rise to the concept of punehelpline.

     Anil Chavan, the promoter of punehelpline is a successful entrepreneur whose business interests took him away from Pune many years ago. Part of his schooling in Delhi....and those impressionable years he has seen his parents working hard at Maharashtra Mandal. Anil started his career at Bangalore after completing graduation at Fergusson and MBA from Pune. During his tenure of 15 years at Bangalore, He was actively involved in Maharashtra Mandal as a committee member. He has treasured the mixed feelings of Puneite and Ex-Puneite. His keen observation of people and situations has lead to the birth of the innovative concept of punehelpline. A sincere and dedicated individual, Anil believes in putting his best efforts into any endeavor. He has very successfully blended traditional Pune laced with modern technological outlook. He can be contacted at 0ffice phone +91-20-25391111/25390244 apart from e-mail.

     Kedar Deodhar, heads a dynamic set of people at Zestorm, a software development company based at Pune. Now settled in Pune, he started off his career at Bangalore after doing his engineering from Pune University. Having stayed away from Maharashtra, he is very much in tune with the feelings of expatriates staying away from home due to his active involvement at Maharashtra Mandal, Bangalore. Involved in punehelpline right from the initial stages, He and his colleague Shashank at Zestorm form the technical backbone of our web venture. 

    Arun Sathe, a senior member of our team, works as a friend, philosopher and a guide for the site. He has loved Pune all along but spent several years in Gujarat and Karnataka. He possessed senior level marketing positions in multinational companies such as Britannia, Richardson Hindustan (now called as Procter & Gamble). A true lover of fine arts Arun Sathe is an outgoing and gregarious personality who views every situation in the most optimistic lights.

     Vijaya Sathe, is a voracious reader, a very discerning critic and has way with words.While away from Pune, she used to write for a very prominent Newspaper. She was editing the House Magazine. Her lucidity with the pen was very widely acclaimed. The entire scripting of the site punehelpline was done by her. The love for Pune that she has, is witnessed throughout the pages written for punehelpline.

     Vaishali, a graphic designer and a content developer, has put her innovative best in setting up Punehelpline.com. She has done her schooling from P.E.S. Girls' High School and graduation from B.M.C.C. Pune, followed by a two year multimedia course from Arena Multimedia. As of now she has worked on lots of websites but she adds, 'punehelpline', was a unique experience because here 'its more of heart than the mind'. Her expertise on designing websites is evident on the pages of punehelpline.

     Bhavana, a graphic designer, has setup punehelpline. A typical piscean, very friendly, bubbling with enthusiasm an art lover. Schooled at Mumbai, but B.Com from BMCC, Pune and have been here ever since because she loves Pune. She has been on a continuous learning curve due to the varied interest she carries in the fields of ceramics, soft toys, flower arrangements, bonsai, landscaping, painting and embroidery.  Deep sense of ambition made her expand her area of activity to include computer art. She says 'It was a great experience working with a socially aware and innovative web-site'. She believes 'Believe in yourself and the life will blossom'.

     Rajiv Chalke, a born artist with a vivacious imagination, naturally flourished as a professional graphic designer and an artist. He provided the initial impetus behind the compositions for punehelpline. Based at Bangalore, an enthusiastic volunteer for Maharastra Mandal. Rajiv says, that 'The sheer energy he got after seeing the final result, compensated for the time and effort he spent in developing the concept for punehelpline'

     Solid Group, of trained and dedicated staff is waiting in the wings to render all those desirable services. 

The Dream Team

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